Contigo Peru
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Contigo Peru

Composed in 1977 by Augusto Polo Campos in Lima/Perú, the song belongs to the >música criolla< and has a waltz rhythm. In its original version, it is played by acoustic instruments such as guitar and cajón. Through the interpretation of Zambo Cavero's incomparable voice, it has become one of Peru's most emotional and representative songs. In contrast to traditional folklore, CONTIGO PERU shows the other side of Peruvian musical culture. Its origin is the coastal region, but today it is sung in every part of Peru. Even beyond its national borders, it can be heard wherever a Peruvian lives.

By carrying different cultures, inhabiting new continents and becoming part of other societies, we try to live our lives with the task of finding meaning and harmony in existence far from our loved ones at home.

Shared experiences and trying to achieve something in a new way of life become easier by always being closely connected to our identity, culture and music and thus feeling part of it.

We would like to present this song to you in a new, instrumental version. But we do this not only by uniting coast, sierra and rainforest - as it says in the lyrics - but also by adding our very own character, feeling and sensibility. Full of admiration and respect, we join its authors in saluting and embracing each and every one who may hear this song.

At the end of this existence, after we have roamed the landscapes marked by our own lives, let us embrace the world together. Wherever we will find ourselves then, our feeling will be: united with you, Peru!

A modern look was given to this piece through their work on technology, sound and graphics and text. Also for their emotional support: thanks to Melina Thieme, Thomas Gutscher and Stephan Knoepffler.

Victor Raúl Tarazona
Piano, Percussion

  • born in Goyllarisquizga/Pasco/Peru
  • lives in Berlin since 1991
  • since 1982 member of different bands (Folklore, Tropical)
Libio Baldoceda

  • born in Huancayo/Peru
  • lives in Berlin since 1992
  • actually a member of the bands "Serenata Peruana" and "Ensemble Nelegatti"
David Sandóval Mendoza
Guitar, Bass

  • born in Lima/Peru
  • lives in Berlin since 1991
  • actually a member of the bands "Tiempo Nuevo" (Chile) and "Trio Caney" (Kuba)